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Questions Answered At a Glance

Q. Why do I need a website?

After the advent of the internet, people use the Web more and more and in greater and greater numbers every day. Even if you are a local small business, contractor, service, or consultant, chances are that people will use search engines to seek your web site. Moreover, Your business Web page will deliver a picture to your prospects and customers, and does it throughout the year.

A website designed by WeBest Infotech will be capable of generating business, promoting friendliness among customers as well as prospects, and delivering strong marketing messages, whether your business is small, medium, large, startup, or well-established.

Although e-commerce websites are ever more popular, the huge majority of company websites are still communication and information instead of purchase-oriented. If your company offers merchandise and services suitable for retail sales over the web, then, you should consider having an e-commerce website designed by WeBest Infotech.

Q. What kind of website do you offer?

WeBest Infotech is a experienced web design company in Mumbai, offering the best Web as well as IT solutions to all sizes and types of companies in India. We know that paying attention to website design is important to building a business. That is why we are dedicated to building different types of websites, which are responsive, SEO friendly, and user-friendly, according to the business needs of our customers. Although we build websites of different types, some of the most common ones include:

  • Homepages
  • E-commerce websites
  • Magazine websites
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Directory and contact pages
  • Social media websites
  • Entertainment Websites
  • Business Websites
  • Media Websites
  • Brochure Websites
  • Educational Websites
  • Non Profit Websites
  • Infopreneur Websites
  • Personal Websites

  • Each type of website has its own purpose. Moreover, you have many diverse categories of types of websites trying to achieve different things. WeBest Infotech will aid our customers considerably in choosing the best and the most suitable website for its customers according to the type, size, and niche of their business.

    Q. Do you redesign existing websites?

    Yes, WeBest Infotech redesign any existing website, irrespective of its type, design, and complexity. We also redesign the entire website or a part of it according to the needs of our customers. Our website redesign service involves complete or partial overhaul in the code and presentation of a company website. Usually, we start our website redesign process with goals to have better user experience, increased online reach, shrinking user friction, as well as to create higher conversions.

    Our website redesign service will consist of some or entire things that include:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • SSL Certificates
  • Updated Servers
  • Branding Changes
  • UX Design
  • Technology Adaptations
  • Overhaul of Website Templates
  • Social Media Elements
  • Persona Targeting
  • New goods and services

  • Some of the other most common things that comprise in our website redesign service include:

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Logos and Design
  • Content Management
  • Digital Marketing

  • The main aim of our website redesign services is not only to improve the performance of an existing website but also its look.

    Q. How much does a website cost?

    In today’s digital world, whether you are operating your company online or offline, it is essential to build a website and maintain it. However, when it comes to the cost of designing a website, it counts on several factors, including the size of your website and the features of your website. Depending on the needs of your website, you may pay less or more than the estimate offered by WeBest Infotech.

    We charge our customers for our website design service that is based on factors, such as:

  • Number of pages
  • Integration
  • Coding language used
  • Domain as well as hosting
  • The level of involvement, such as design, coding
  • Basic technology
  • Setup, design, as well as the development
  • Maintenance

  • However, the major goal of our web design firm is to build a website that is high in features and low in cost.

    Q. What does website maintenance cover?

    Once the website of your company is built and launched, you are supposed to maintain it to ensure they remain up-to-date and secure. Many things can take place or go erroneous if the maintenance work is ignored. That is why WeBest Infotech offers a comprehensive website maintenance service so that your reputation, as well as the status of your business, is not ruined in any way.

    The website maintenance strategy of our web design agency is an ongoing service to keep the website of our customers up-to-date. This may usually cover the WordPress core, themes, and plugins of a website. Our maintenance services will also cover other aspects, such as testing the performance of a website and improving it, in addition to website monitoring and backups.

    As WeBest Infotech has a range of website maintenance plans, we offer many options to our customers. This will allow them to choose precisely what they desire. Our website maintenance services are ideal for owners who are not appropriately skilled or do not spare their time to complete themselves.

    Q. How Important Is It To Optimize My Website For Search Engines?

    Website optimization is vital for the reason that it helps the visitors of your website to be more successful with their visits. You can achieve this through conversion rate optimization, which is focused on A to B testing of diverse parts of your website systematically to increase the rate of this conversion.

    The major purpose of optimizing a website is to accomplish the best design corresponding to a set of prioritized constraints or criteria. These comprise making the most of factors, such as output, strength, longevity, reliability, utilization, and efficiency.

    Some of the other reasons for optimizing your website include:

  • Increased brand exposure and awareness.
  • Making more and more people carry out website searches
  • Getting the targeted traffic of your website
  • Making your online marketing more cost efficient
  • Meeting the needs of the search engines

  • WeBest Infotech offers a comprehensive website optimization service to make the website of its customers occupy the topmost position on the search results pages

    Q. What kind of Digital Marketing solutions do you offer?

    WeBest Infotech offers effective integrated Marketing by 360-degree Digital Marketing solutions across all online platforms. Moreover, we will combine digital marketing activities with other marketing activities. We are celebrated for offering the most thriving digital marketing solutions, as we follow a multi-channel method. We offer our solutions through:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

  • The Digital Marketing solutions of WeBest Infotech are capable of giving the fastest results, scaling the website traffic, as well as growing the business of its customers. Therefore, you can also follow the precise process that you can use to develop your website to thousands of pageviews and the traffic to your blogs from thousands of visitors per month within a short period. You will also get simple to follow systematic instructions to observe the traffic success of your website, all with no advertising involved.

    Q. How can you help me in promoting my business online?

    WeBest Infotech has the required experience and expertise to use various methods to promote your business online. The most commonly used techniques include Digital Marketing, SEO, and SMO. As an innovator in the industry, we understand the importance of these methods. We use digital marketing to offer your website a strong presence on social media.

    Both SEO, as well as SMO, is an extremely important feature for promoting your business through digital marketing. This is because we use SEO to boost visibility as well as links in the search engines through our genuine and enlightening content. Thus, we will make your website more SEO friendly and optimize it to improve your rankings in Google search results. SEO will generate high traffic to your website, as well, and it will increase the performance of your website.

    We use SMO for the reason that it will grow your network on social media, which will ultimately increase your leads as well as your sales.

    Q. What all platforms should I be present in to promote my business?

    Whether your business is big or small, a website is required to be revealed it online in order to be successful. Although you can promote your business through a variety of platforms, it mainly counts on the type of your business. Anyhow, WeBest Infotech will examine your business and we will give personalized solutions to promote your business online easily and effectively. Some of the most popular social media platforms through which you can promote your business include:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google Business
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

  • Each of the above-mentioned platforms offers various benefits to you. For example, when you choose LinkedIn to promote your products, it will aid you considerably in engaging a community of experts to drive actions that are pertinent to your business.

    However, whatever platform you choose to promote your business online, your goal is supposed to generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and build brand awareness.

    Q. Is success guaranteed through Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing is a channel that involves online platforms such as website, mobile devices, search engines and social media to reach your targeted customers. While some of these platforms may display results almost immediately, others take 3-6 months before you start seeing favorable results. It is an ongoing process that requires proper planning and execution. The time it takes to display results depends on the quality and quantity of your content.

    Digital channels are propagating rapidly, so digital marketers, like you, have to know the way these channels work, the way they are used by recipients, as well as on the way to use these channels to market your products or services effectively.

    Additionally, it is becoming more difficult to capture the attention of receivers, as they are increasingly flooded with competing advertisements. As a digital marketer, you will find it challenging to examine the huge troves of data you capture, as well. You may face troubles while exploiting this information in your marketing efforts.

    Therefore, you can conclude that success can be guaranteed in terms of reach and awareness, but conversion is an interlinked activity that is dependent on several other factors, online and offline.

    Q. When and why do I need a mobile app?

    One of the major reasons for using a mobile app for the day-to-day operations of your business is to grow customer loyalty. You can build a mobile app if you want your business to communicate with your customers directly. Moreover, In-app acquisitions, advertisements, as well as promotions have a greater impact on the consumers as compared to social media ads, roadside banners, and email marketing. Some of the reasons for building a mobile app for your business include:

  • It will offer your business increased visibility.
  • It will offer an enhanced recognition to your brand.
  • It acts as a direct promotion channel.
  • It will increase your profits.
  • You can easily reach your targeted customers.

  • Above all, a well-built mobile app will enable you to offer the best customer service in the industry. The unsurpassed customer service will aid you greatly in developing your business easily and effectively. As such, mobile apps are considered game changers, which are capable of offering a higher level of customer service. If you are running any business, then, building a mobile app will be the most lucrative and affordable way of promoting your business.

    Q. Do you develop mobile app for all platforms?

    WeBest Infotech is celebrated for building effective and resourceful mobile apps that are designed to be compatible with all major mobile development platforms. We have a team of skilled and experienced mobile app developers, who have the required skill to build mobile apps for a range of mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad. Our mobile apps will also work well with all the latest mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

    All our mobile apps are designed to grow your business in a variety of platforms. They will aid you substantially in securing a strong online presence of your brand. You can hire our professional developers to build effective and amazing mobile apps for your business to work on any platform you need them to be.


    Honestly, there is no boundary to what WeBest Infotech can offer to you, Graphic Design Service being one of it. Whether you are in search of a stunning new logo or some eye-catching flyers, the skilled global community of designers at our business will be capable of making it happen. We pride ourselves on our high-quality designers who are capable of delivering graphic design services of only the highest quality, at a really quick turn around time.

  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity Packages
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures & Catalogues
  • Marketing Materials
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Product Packaging
  • Television advertising
  • Signage & Point-of-Sale Materials
  • Trade Show Booths & Media

  • When it comes to price for our graphic design services, it counts on multiple factors. However, we will offer our services at the most affordable prices. Usually, we charge our services on an hourly basis. You also have the liberty to choose our services on a flat rate basis according to your preference. A typical graphic design will usually cost you $75 per hour. If you choose the flat rate option, it will come to $100 for a small to medium design service.

    At WeBest Infotech, we always charge our customers less for our graphic design services when compared to that of our competitors.

    Q. Do you do content management?

    Yes, we do content management, as well. The content management system of WeBest Infotech involves the process of organizing as well as consolidating different pieces of content, such as text, multimedia clips, and graphics. At our web design firm, we also tag schemes, such as HTML, XML, etc., in the most efficient manner and storing them in our content management system.

    Some of the different types of content management in which we are specialists include:

  • Digital Asset Management System
  • Web Content Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Component Content Management
  • Enterprise Content Management System

  • We are specialists in different types of content management systems and we are always dedicated to meet the business needs of our customers in a mixture of different industries. Our content management involves everything that ranges from managing digital assets of the website of our customers to storing the enterprise documents, such as business plans, branding guidelines, emails, and much more.

    Q. How do I know that you will provide me top quality content?

    WeBest Infotech is acknowledged for its high-quality content writing service. We write our content for your website with the main intention of promoting your brand by itself. This you can observe within a short time period. The website of your business carries weight with our premium content on it. At our firm, we have a team of creative content writers, who will create out-of-box content. This makes us unique from our business competitors. Moreover, our high retention of customers is valid proof for our highest quality content writing service.

    All writers in our team are well versed in all languages and topics and they are highly educated. They have wealthy experience in a variety of fields, including English literature, marketing, technology, enterprise management, journalism and mass communication, etc. Thus, you can rest guaranteed that you could get only the highest quality content not only to create great interest in your website visitors. They will also lure them to click the "Add to Cart" button to buy your products or service automatically. Moreover, on our website, you can find the testimonials of many satisfied customers who have worked with us for many years for their content writing needs.

    Q. Do you check contents on Copyscape or other related software?

    All contents made at WeBest Infotech are made by experienced and talented writers. Thus, you can rest be assured that your content will be free from plagiarism and grammatical errors. They will be perfectly created to explain your products, services, as well as information about your company in a lucid and simple-to-understand way. Moreover, we have a separate editorial team in our business, so all our content will undergo a severe check for their quality and plagiarism.

    At WeBest Infotech, every writer knows that good and pertinent content will create an immediate impact in the minds of the readers. They also understand that it is tough to find reliable content in the thriving marketing world and if it is found, then it is considered as the addition of your own character. As the best content writing company in the industry, we use all the most reliable plagiarism checkers, including Copyscape.

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